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Week of June 15 Posted by Lisa Gilman on 6/16/2020

Hello, and welcome to our final week of school! I would love nothing more than to be able to see all of you in person and playing the Wolf Game, King's Land, Music Hot & Cold, and Make Me Laugh during our music classes. Since we cannot do those activities in person, maybe you can teach them to your families! If you can meet online with friends, try the Wolf Game and see who moves first after giving a signal, such as a clap or saying "now!" Maybe for King's Land, you can click your thumbs-up button to stay safe, and the last person to click it is out. In Music Hot & Cold, you could look for an item you see on a friend's screen and sing a song for him/her to tag (the closer the guesser is, the louder you sing). Make Me Laugh: you have 30 seconds to make a friend smile or laugh (all screens must be on for this one.... no cheating!).

Our Talent Show received a lot of responses. We are hoping to share it on Wednesday evening (time to be determined). I don't think it will be shared live; rather, we will send a link out, and you can watch it at your own convenience. I want to thank everyone for their support and patience as we have all been navigating unchartered waters these past few months and have adapted to a whole new way of learning (and teaching). I promise to practice with music sites over the summer, so I will be better able to reach even more friends and continue to share amazing music with you all!

As for our wonderful friends who are leaving Cottage Street School.... Farewell Song Have a safe and wonderful summer, and keep singing!

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