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Welcome Back, Artists!!!

I hope you all had a restful and fun summer and found lots of opportunities to celebrate your interests. I look forward to seeing you draw about the things you love in art this year. Here's a little about my summer vacation:

My family and I spent the summer with lots of walks with our dog, Scout, around our neighborhood and occasional "Scoutings" to nearby nature trails. My kids (4th and 6th graders this year) love to take their bikes whenever they can. At home, my son especially enjoys using our backyard to practice baseball, soccer and football...and basketball out front. I am only okay at these sports, but I try :-) My daughter likes doing projects and especially likes baking. We watched all the Marvel movies this summer for our weekly family movie nights. We all like to listen to music and everybody reads LOTS. I finally read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series! It was a really fun read. I did lots of gardening to start the summer, but once it got hot, we switched to quieter activities and more water play. We went to the beach every week and like treating ourselves to ice cream afterwards! We did get to our annual vacation in Vermont. It was a lot smaller than usual as family memebers did not travel, but we did swim in the lake EVERY day. Even under the stars at night! My dog, Scout, loves to hop on my paddleboard with me as well as ride on the kayak. It makes it a little harder for me, but I love his company. Besides, he swims out after me if I don't bring him along!

I am excited to hear about what you have been reading, creating, and doing this summer whether it is in person or virtual. There are so many cool tools available to us to communicate and we will continue to learn and share strategies for art and technology together. We will be using SeeSaw and Google Classroom to share our projects both in person (as access to technology allows) and remote.

Until then, enjoy these wonderful bonus days you have. Your teachers are all sharing ideas to make the most of this school year.

As always....

Stay Creative!

~Mrs. Biddle

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